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An Artful DodgerI'm an arts' and graphic design student from Helsinki, Finland.

I do my share of attentionwhoring by posting regularly on my eljay and occasionally (quite often) I pull off some pics I share with you - some public, some friends only.

I'm into japanese culture (language,games,music,anime&manga,fashion,cosplay,cooking,fastfood,movies,tv-shows,etc), which you'll notice if you read my journal. I cook a lot of Asian (mostly Japanese) food so that is also a regular theme in my journal. I also do a lot of daily dressing up "weird" since I'm into street fashion and - duh - I'm an attention whore.

I also post to some communities, including picturing_food, dark_images and fruits. Perhaps soon I'll gather enough courage to post to egl aswell..

I LOVE <3__<3 any comments on my blog and in case you want to drown in my daily rants with the occasional preview picture posts/etc, don't hesitate to add me since most of my posts are friends-only. Just comment on my topmost "friends only" post (you'll know which one when you view my journal) to tell me who you are or why you want to read my stuff so it doesn't feel creepy x)
cooking, creative arts, cyber/diesel/steampunk, industrial music, lolita, photography, street fashion, video games, wapanese stuff