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It's a little less than two weeks ago I moved in with my parents and they're already taking a liking to my japanese cooking, especially my dad it seems. So tonight I treated them with some ramen and octopus tempura.

Since I had some tempura batter left over, they got this for dessert:

Banana tempura with icecream

Banana tempura with vanilla ice cream, drenched in maple syrup

Very easy and quick to make if you can get the batter right. It was le delicious.
I should make this more often.

Example batter (no proportions so combine wisely):
an egg
a pinch of salt
some powdered sugar
wheat flour

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HTC Wildfire — Retail version hands-on

Mobile phones really have changed during the last 2-3 years I've been using a trusty and apart-fallen Nokia E70.
Today I got the HTC Wildfire (Mocca) among the first few in Finland since the first shipments arrived on tuesday, most of them on wednesday and Verkkokauppa only got it this afternoon. I've been waiting for this damned phone for like 2-3 months now so I obviously think it ought to be a really special something.

Well it is, lol.

Picture heavy post!Collapse )
This is mindblowing. I'm getting Facebook messages and email like they were regular SMS's.

Overall the phone is quite stunning. Android 2.1 with 'Sense' beats any iPhone by far if you ask me.
The best adjective to describe using it I can think of is "flow" — everything feels so natural and I never even glanced in a user manual regarding the interface. Some things are different from what I'm used to on the E70 - like how I install a downloaded mp3 as a ringtone.
The touch interface has this accelleration feature which feels totally realistic to whatever mechanical devices the interfaces try to look like. You just whip stuff around and you always land where you want. Like the phone had laws of physics.

I haven't tried geotagging or anything like that yet, but it sure is awesome. The Android Market has hundreds (thousands?) of free apps to choose from. Like, right now I'm listening to Spotify (Premium) on the phone, transferring files from my computer to the phone via a shared Dropbox and getting notified whenever I get new mail into my GMail box. YouTube works perfectly and my deafult Home view displays my upcoming agenda from my Google Calendar. And syncs back, obviously ;)

Music sounds really good on the device and I think the sound is much crisper than on many portable players I've had.

Awesome phone. Get it.

The mocca is really stylish and much greyer than on the pics on the net.


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Got linked this most awesome punk music video ever :'D Apparently they've disappeared from the face of the internets because I can't find any (working) material anywhere. They call their stuff "tardcore" :D

Pretty Flowers - Scheisse movie

"I wanna go to a scheisse movie
I wanna go to a scheisse show
Why won't you take me to a scheisse movie
Why won't you take me to a scheisse show

Today I was reminded that there's going to be a farewell party for the shared flat I'm living in today at 6 PM and so I went into a manic cleaning fever....that cured itself soon enough. Still gotta clean up some stuff before people start popping in. If someone wants to rescue me from this flat for tonight, please do : d I hardly know any of the guests.

Also: I'm like gonna FUCKING KILL SOMEBODY if I don't get my HTC Wildfire (Android 2.2) phone by the 2nd of August cause I've been waiting for the fucking preorder to arrive to the store for a month now, and now they're telling it might take another month. FFF. It's like TEH most awesome phone ever. I could also use a Motorola Backflip but it's waay too expensive. The reason I'm lusting hard for an android phone is 1. Spotify, DropBox, Evernote, Skype, Facebook, a decent browser lol, GPS and geotagging, 2. it's not apple crap so I can get apps from whoever I want and when I want.

I wanna do something with my hair but I don't know what : (( It's harder to match clothes with my whitish blonde hair so black would be liek awesome but then again black is hard to get rid of. :/ Maybe I should bleach part of my hair totally white and dye some of it deep brownish black? But what parts? Always the same problem : d
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Desucon was failcon :<

Went to Desucon with Saku and it pretty much sucked ass. Only 12-year olds everywhere and all the adult-oriented content was so late at night we couldn't stay to enjoy it :F
Thankfully we didn't pay anything for entry 'cause all tickets were sold out and we just sneaked inside :'Ddd

I have green hair.

The good news is, I finally got to see the Nordic China Center in Kouvola and bought a pair of pants and socks. I should go back there when I have more moneys...

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I'm totally exhausted. 12 hours at work, thought I can't blame anyone but myself since I didn't HAVE to stay past six (which would've been one and a half hours overtime) and I stayed 'til well over nine. I'm taking a day off from work tomorrow to participate in the entry exams to Metropolia's industrial design program. I probably won't get chosen for the next round but I'll probably just be happy about it. I'm not sure I even want to participate tomorrow, since I'm not that much into industrial design and hence, the chance of me getting chosen is quite nil.

This week I'm doing a photography course for young people aged 13-17. There are around 10 of them and most of them are 13-15 year olds. They're really fascinating to work with since they are so quick to absorb information and learn how to do stuff. Most of them have never worked with a SLR let alone done structured photography (as contrary to point-and-shoot fooling around pics) and in just an hour on the field they learned to produce really good photos. Some of them are really incredible and some of their unintended shots produced photos that look totally professional and intentional. I'll probably post some of them here once I remember to take them home on my memory stick. Tomorrow they're probably going to check out some of my favorite photoshoot spots as per my recommendation; Torkkelinmäki, Itä-Pasila and a decommissioned railway tunnel. I sadly can't be with them :(

Some stuff I've done:

The concrete jungle was dull. I brought crayons.

Playing around with shadows

It looked funny.

The photo studio in the office I share with 3 other people.

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Yeh, this is how I look like nowadays. Haven't posted pics in a while.

The recent few weeks I've been stressing myself out to get a summer job at Happi, and yesterday I finally got to sign the contract. I'm now employed by the city of Helsinki for 8 weeks doing graphic design and photography stuff for Nuorisoasiainkeskus.


So now I'm sitting here in my "office", trying to get stuff done. My first assignment was to make a half spread ad to Kamera-lehti (a Finnish photography magazine) about a photo competition NK is arranging. First prize is an iBook, second is a DSLR and the third will probably be a mini-laptop. So far I'm pretty much just working on the basic idea for the ad, but needless to say; this is quite an ambitious first assignment since the print volume of Kamera-lehti is about thirteen to twenty-thousand. And since the ad is supposed to inspire competition, it should be really good :D:


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So then. I haven't posted in  a g e s   and this won't do much to compensate. I haven't been doing much at all recently, aside from getting variyngly drunk in different parks. Two days ago I realized I have BOTH an unfinished art project for school AND a pre-task for a school application I need to get done by Monday the 17th but couldn't arse myself to do anything about it until today. Whoopee @ my procrastination. I'm actually surprised the stuff didn't end up worse than it did, even though I spent most of my time today doing nothing in particular. When I say nothing in particular, I mean stuff that I shouldn't be doing but somehow get very inspired to do since I really dun wanna do the stuff I should be doing. Stuff like this:

The artsy fartsy project for the school exhibition went seriously plan B because I was supposed to be taking around 40 photos of architectural elements that could compose a "path" when aligned properly. Ok so I skipped that, chose some random pictures I'd taken in Kallio last week and stuck them on a 20cm side cardboard box.

To see all the pics and stuff, please visit my Flickr

Then to the preliminary task. The assignment was basically as follows:
  1. Mr. Bungle builds funny-looking stairs up a tree
  2. Present him "trying out" the stairs
  3. Do what the hell you want as long as it's in A3
That doesn't sound too bad, but the assignment context basically forces you to present the picture in a quite traditionally Finnish context, which sucks. I didn't feel very inspired. I started actively working on this at 9 PM and now around 4 AM I think I'm somewhat finished. That's 7 hours in iCant Paint for shit.

Behold my mighty lack of drawing skillz, now in three steps. Sketch, ink, colour.

The upper half is kinda cool. Lower half sucks ass because I can't draw people.
Especially not cartoonish ones. The birch is kinda ok and I like the plank texture.

It's 5 AM and I need to wake up in less than one and a half hours and travel to Vantaa to participate in the entrance exam to Varia. I'm going to d i e . At least I don't have to set up my work at the exhib. tomorrow since my teacher agreed to do it for me. Let's just hope she doesn't forget.

I really want to go to that school since none of the other schools have sent an invitation to the entrance exams and I don't want to spend yet another year working my ass off and wasting my precious years of student allowance eligibility.

Oh, and I might be getting a kewl job for summer.

Over and out.

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OMW to school
I managed to get my labret changed to a smaller one without too much of a fight - probably took me only 20 minutes. Damn these segment rings >_>  Oh, and bleached hair, again.
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